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How B.Ed Course Helps A Prospective Teacher?

If your passion is to become a teacher, then you must know what responsibilities come with it. A teacher is a person who is responsible for shaping the minds of children educating them, and building the future of the country.

 It is one profession that gives you a chance to mold children to become well-rounded and educated individuals in society. However, when you want to become a teacher, you will have to do a B.Ed course after graduation, a 2-year programme.

 In this professional course, you learn the art of teaching at the secondary and senior secondary level of education to make your portfolio strong as a teacher.  After graduating, you can pursue this course from any of the best colleges; if you opt for B.Ed admission in MDU, you will learn from the best.

  However, before opting for a B.Ed course and becoming a teacher, you may have some concerns. So here in this blog, we will clarify them and tell how B.Ed shapes your career and what you learn in it.

? Practical Approach

It is very necessary to do things practically, so during B.Ed course, the prospective teachers are given opportunities to teach students in a classroom environment of the school. This feature offered during B.Ed degree benefits the prospective teachers a lot.

They get real-life classroom experience of teaching and know about potential challenges they could face in future. This helps the prospective teacher to explore different methods of teaching and also boost their confidence.

? Learning Teaching Methods and Diverse Techniques

The B.ED degree programmes main aim is to help you learn how to teach as it's a challenging task. Maybe you have the knowledge but not know how to impart it will only be a waste.  Moreover, in the B.Ed course, the prospective teachers are taught different techniques and methods to get their students' attention and understand and learn.

While pursuing your B.Ed course, you will learn all new and advanced teaching techniques and methods. Information and Communication Technology is useful while imparting knowledge with laptops, mobiles, etc. It makes both teaching and learning easier.

  • Preparing For Later Stage Of Managing School System

When you get enrolled in a B.Ed course, you not only learn how to teach, but you also get to learn how to work in the administrative affairs of an educational system.  However, managing the school system as an  administrative comes at a later stage. Still, the B.ED course teaches prospective teachers how to make it count to create a healthy and progressive academic system.

  • Additional Benefits

When you pursue a B.ED programme, you get knowledge about many aspects of the educational system at different levels, whether national or state. You also get to know and understand different environments of education imparted by private, government, International and World School.

The prospective teacher gains a lot from B.Ed course and can understand what key role they as teacher play in making an individual and in the education system.

 All these points help the prospective teacher and also make them recognise their role in the academic structure. Moreover, when you choose to get B. Ed admission in MDU, you are going to grow in all aspects as a prospective teacher.

18 Jun

How To Choose Best B.ED College?

Each one of us today wants to build our career, which depends on our education and talent. For which it becomes necessary for us to get our degrees from reputed and renowned colleges. As when a candidate is a pass out of a known college, it increases their value at many levels. Moreover, when the recruiters see your resume, they not only check your marks and test your knowledge but also look into the name of the college you passed out.

Whichever course you choose, whether B.A, B.Ed etc., the right college will open your paths to a glorious career.

Moreover, when it comes to choosing the best B.Ed college keeps you ahead in the competitive market; you need to look out for many aspects.

Many of the B.Ed colleges allow to chose desired subject and pedagogy skills to become the best teacher and serving its purpose for both student and institute to the fullest. Therefore, your choice of college should be based on what way you are taught and does it helps in grooming the skills needed to become a good teacher. To help you make this smart decision, here is a list of few things that should be checked before you decide upon the college for your two-year B.ED programme.

  1. 1.    Amenities Provided At College

 B.ED does not necessarily mean becoming a teacher. With it, you can also join other jobs. Moreover, these job option will come to you if your college or institute provide you with the desired facilities needed which are different when you do B. Ed.  For example, you can choose to become a counsellor, librarian syllabus designer, content writer subject, instructor or educational researcher.

 Like for you to become a librarian, the college of your choice should have a high-class library itself, so to become successful in other job profiles of B.ED, enrol yourself in a college full of high-grade amenities.

  1. 2.    Faculty Board

When you get educated by good teachers, you become one.  So while choosing your college, research about their faculty strength and profile.

 You must look at how many expert and experienced teachers are teaching in the college.  However, when you take B.ED admission in MDU, you will surely get the best faculty team who will teach you different subjects with all necessary facts and all the topics in detail and help and guide you patiently.

  1. 3.    Recruitment Details

While selecting the B.ED college, look into their past as in where are pass out of following college recruited. If they are working in different sectors, your college is covering every bit of your education. It will help you understand their education system and the options you will get after graduating.

If it's diverse, you can get jobs in schools as teachers and work in publishing houses, research agencies, coaching centres, educational consultancies, and more.

  1. 4.    The Accessible and Core Subjects -

Many of the colleges do not provide access to all the subjects mention in the curriculum of B.Ed. Moreover, not getting your preferred subject in college will be the last thing you want after enrolling. So you should look into both core and accessible additional subjects that your B.Ed College provides.

 Often you won't get your preferred subject and desired college simultaneously, but when you choose B.ED admission in MDU, you get everything with no compromise.

  1. 5.    Practical Experiences

The B.ED degree is tied up with viable experiences, which simply means it should not be restricted to just lectures and textbooks.

 So the college must impart practical experience to their candidates by conducting seminars, events, live class interactions at school and project-based learning. When teaching happens from various resources, it diversifies your knowledge and makes you an expert in your field.

Final Thoughts -

So while selecting your B.Ed college, do your research and then enrol yourself. If you go for B.Ed admission in MDU, it will be a good decision as your goal is to become the best, so learn from the best.

05 Jun

Careers To Pursue After LLB

  1. 1.    Litigation -

This job profile mainly means working as a lawyer, which is considered to be the practice of law.

 The lawyers advise and present their clients' cases, whether civil or criminal cases, in court and in front of the judge. While presenting your case in a court of law, the lawyers must participate in all hearings and proceedings.

Moreover, when you want to work as a lawyer legally in India, after completing your LLB course,  you need to pass the All India Bar exam of BCI. After passing, you need to enrol with any State Bar Council to work as a lawyer.

  1. 2.    Legal Advisor -

 The candidates who want to work as legal advisor of specialized lawyer can take an LLB course. The legal advisor's main purpose of law lies in protecting their clients from any legal implications and consequences. They are hired by the government sector and large companies or any MNC of the private sector.

  1. 3.    Judiciary -

The LLB course also allows joining judicial services as Judicial Magistrate or Civil Judge. For it, you need to appear in the Judicial Service exam conducted by various states and pass it.

 This job profile is secure, offers comfortable tenure, and gives you a chance to serve the country while paying you a handsome salary.

  1. 4.    Advocate-

This job will require you to do hard work as you will need to do a lot of research work to gather factual data and physical evidence to support your claim in front of the court. With this, they are also allocated responsibility which includes drafting and scrutinizing different contracts.

  1. 5.    Teacher or Lecturer –

After completing the LLB course, the candidates can also teach law at the college or university level. Being a teacher is the most challenging yet prestigious job, and this profession as a law teacher is gradually growing in India. However, to teach law, you also need to clear the Net Eligibility Test and have a Master's in a Law degree to teach in any law institution.

  1. 6.     Judicial Advocate General -

This is a post of the Indian Army, which is held by "Major ", the Army's judicial and legal chief. In this job profile after the LLB course, you will be assisting the presiding officers of

the court- materials in applying and interpreting any military laws to be followed. This job profile will fulfil your dream to serve in the Indian Army.

  1. 7.    Legal Journalism-

Today, each one of us likes to be updated on every issue of the country and world, whether it's political, legal sports or others.

 Moreover, the most powerful tool for it is the media, so becoming a legal journalist will be a great option as it focuses on issues related to the law worldwide. To work in this job, you require just an LLB course degree and a company to appoint you.

  1. 8.    Solicitor -

In this job profile, the individuals should be primarily specialized in some specific law areas such as litigation, tax, family, or property. They offer legal advice to commercial and private clients.

What are you waiting for? Get admission in LLB course by consulting the top LLB consultant of EdukaP.

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Which is A Better Course Programme -3-year LLB or 5-year LLB?

3-Year LLB Course 

  • This one is an undergraduate programme of law for 3- years duration.
  • The candidates can get enrollment in this course only after they have completed their graduation with merit.  But don't you confuse it with a postgraduate degree as it's not.
  • The curriculum under this course period starts with you studying fundamentals of law and about the constitution of India, its sections and all other stuff. All the six semesters of this programme are dedicated to education of law in brief.
  • LLB course objective focuses on different aspects of law education and help aspirants prepare to work as legal advisors in corporate sectors or practice law anywhere in India.
  • The eligibility to get admission in an LLB course is not complicated; the student should have passed admission with 50% marks, at least from any renowned college or university.
  • They are granted admission based on their merits score, scored in the entrance exam of law and other private law colleges.
  • The 3- year LLB course will also yield you good opportunities for a career, but it will mainly depend upon two objectives—the institution from which the course has been pursued. If pursued from a renowned and reputed college, you will get a pool of various job options for yourself.

5- Year Integrated LLB

  • This one is best to be pursued if the sole aim of the candidate is to work in the field of law. This LLB programme includes graduate programmes BA LLB and BSC LLB.
  • The duration of this integrated LLB course is five years. As it's an integrated course, its curriculum comprises subjects related to BA, BCom or others, followed by law subjects as its core to be studied.
  • All the subject of this curriculum is divided briefly over the ten semesters.
  • The objective of this  5-year integrated LLB course is the same as a 3-year programme. However, it also focuses on basic subjects of graduation level and its core being law education.
  • Admission criteria of this LLB course are different from a 3-year LLB course. The applicant must have passed 12th with a minimum percentage of 50% marks. The student also needs to qualify in various entrance exams of law.
  • The available opportunities to the candidates of the 5-year integrated LLB program are the same as of  3- year. Therefore, they are capable of getting all the jobs related to the law field.

Final Thoughts

 Which programme to choose will depend on your priorities of career. For example, if you want to make law your profession, you should go for 5- year integrated LLB.

This option will also save a year of your education and give you the same merit as the 3-year LLB programme. However, if you have any doubt, then feel free to take advice from EdukaP, one of the best LLB consultants in India.

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